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·?9.21 (Day 1)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
New Trend & Strategy
Address from FBIF: How Could Ingredients Contribute to Brands' Breakthrough in Food Innovation?

Chi Forest led the sparkling water category by erythritol; fiber+ in Coca-Cola hit the first shot loudly and clearly. To fight the way out in such a hot market, ingredients have become a key factor to be seized at the very opening. In 2022, it's time for brands to take the initiative on ingredients!

Food Innovation Starts with Ingredient Upgrades

Consumers are paying more attention to the ingredients list! What kind of strategic awareness do brands need in terms of ingredients to make better products? What new demands are consumers making on ingredients in 2022?

·?9.21 (Day 1)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
Healthy +
[Panel Discussion] Trust Crisis of Sugar Substitutes—Any Other Natural Substitutes for Sucrose?

Sugar reduction has been a recurring topic. Discussions on sugar substitutes gain popularity. However, consumers' trust is left shaky by synthetic sweeteners, like acesulfame potassium. As everyone is calling for sugar reduction, what are the natural ingredients that can replace sucrose? Where is the next sweet star? 

[Tasting] New Approaches of Sugar Reduction. Do They Taste Like Sucrose?
How to Be Sweet Without Sugar?

Sweet proteins can be fully metabolized by human body and are healthier compared with artificial sweeteners. Brazzein is a protein naturally found in the berry Pentadiplandra brazzeana baillon and is 2000 times sweeter than sucrose. As a new protein sweetener, what kind of market opportunities will it have in food and beverage?

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·?9.21 (Day 1)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
Emotion and Immunity
Exhausted 1990s Generation Say No to Stress Manipulation

In recent years, "involution" has become a social buzzword that is deeply rooted in people's minds. Consumers are turning to food and beverages as an outlet to relieve the stress and anxiety. Science has proven that some probiotics can help us manage anxiety and stress. Will they help us unload the excessive stress?

[Panel Discussion] Exploring Trends in the Benefits of Probiotics

With the gradual expansion of the probiotic industry, there are more and more benefits being gradually explored. Stress management, immune health, metabolic health... What kind of effects are most suitable for the Chinese market? What kind of strains can do more?

[Tasting] Are There Any Other Product Formats for Probiotics?
Immunity New Star—The AB Side of the Postbiotic

Probiotics are not yet old, but postbiotics have arrived. In the field of intestinal health, postbiotics has become a new force with great market prospect. In this era of national health, we have to say "NO" to "flu" and "allergy"!

·?9.22 (Day 2)
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Beautiful +
The "Thin Bacteria" That Fat is Afraid to See

You want a lean body mass and a healthy metabolism? What strain has been clinically proven to help significantly reduce BMI by 0.35 in 12 weeks? Can it help consumers get a smaller waist just by "eating"?

Benefits of Reformulating with Fibre—Lower Risk of Diabetes

Scientists at the Tate & Lyle Nutrition Center have found that Asians are at higher risk of developing diabetes, and China is one of the hardest hit. In a large number of experiments, fibre became the key to the problem. How to manage weight efficiently? How can fibre be reformulated to reduce the risk of diabetes? Where else can fibre be used in new applications?

[Tasting] Application Experience of Weight Management Ingredients
Beauty Redefined—Masks to Drink

Drinkable "skincare" products are the new trend in the beauty industry. Hydration, whitening, and antioxidants are now the keywords for a new generation of functional foods. However, can what goes into your mouth really work on your skin? Will the skincare business be simplified to food treatment?

High-grade Answer to Sleep by Amino Acids

Glycine, serine, arginine, tryptophan, L-tyrosine, L-theanine and γ-aminobutyric acid can all benefit sleeping quality. In addition to the common application areas, in what other areas can they shine? How to combine the market demand and the principle of action to make consumers pay for the products?

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·?9.22 (Day 2)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
Will Liu Has Gone Viral, Will Sports Nutrition Embraces Its Spring?

Will Liu has gone viral, the sports and fitness craze is sweeping through people's lives like a hurricane. Will this be an opportunity for sports nutrition?

Lipid Rising Star: Opening a New World of Sports Nutrition and Senior Food Market with Energy

To build and maintain muscle, protein supplementation is not enough! NuliGo's innovative nutritional lipids take an energy perspective that is not only fast and safe but also long lasting. Brands that want to innovate in sports nutrition and senior food are not to be missed!

Tea Break & Food Show Tour
·?9.22 (Day 2)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
Formulation Innovation
Cleanest Label Challenge

Whether the label is clean enough affects the consumer's purchase decision, a good clean label can undoubtedly improve the core competitiveness of the product. How to make a completely additive-free product formulation? How to achieve both clean label and good quality?

Don't Be "Stupid Tax"! How Can Functional Foods Be More Efficient?

Functional foods have always been suspected of being an "stupid tax" in the eyes of consumers. How to do products from the perspective of evidence-based medicine? What kind of technology is needed to support the visible effects?

Young People's Plant-based Intuition for Wellness

Plant meat and plant milk are not enough! What are the "high potential" applications for plant-based products? Why do consumers who have no shortage of meat, eggs and milk choose plant-based?