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Drink Talks
·?9.21 (Day 1)
Wow, Drink It Up!
The New Journey of Drinks
[Welcome Drinking] Start A Beautiful Day!
Create Certainty in Uncertainty

Beverage shoppers very often make impulsive purchases. What is the trick behind influencing shoppers' impulse buys to get your product picked among a whole shelf of dazzling products? How to create that certainty against uncertainties?

Recode the Business of Drinking

Be it ready-to-drinks or made-on-spot drinks, liquid drinks or solid drinks, coffee, tea, or fruit juice, the drinks business is all about drinking, fighting for that mouthful of space. As scenarios tend to overlap and category boundaries become blurry, it is time to look at the business of drinking with fresh eyes.

Drink Talks
·?9.21 (Day 1)
Wow, Drink It Up!
Fast-growing Categories
[Panel] Plant-Based Drinks: Industry Consensus vs. Consumer Recognition

How to reach a consensus with consumers?

[Tasting & Interaction] Plant-Based Drinks

Recruitment for plant-based drinks~

Another Reason for Consumers to Drink Plant-based Drinks Apart from Creamers

Plant-based drinks come to market wave after wave since the success of Oatly. However, this category has not been satisfactorily successful in finding itself a role except for being paired with coffee.

Bottled Water Upgrade: "Metaphysical" Competition?

With giants' attention and the blossom of variety segmentations, is the upgrade of the bottled water market metaphysics?

Do Drinks Seriously Need the Functionality?

Functionality seems to be the top buzzword in the current round of food and beverage evolution towards health awareness. The journey of functional drinks appears to be bumpier than that of functional foods. Why not we take some time returning to the starting point and thinking again: do drinks seriously need functionality?

Lunch Break & Food Show Tour
Drink Talks
·?9.21 (Day 1)
Wow, Drink It Up!
Delicious Strategy
Methodology of Taste: Make "Tasty" A Habit

Everyone has their own perception of "tasty", a qualitative description that is understandingly hard to measure. However, a good taste that pleases certain taste buds, despite not all, is an essential element to all drinks. Is it possible to convert the subjective judgment into a set of standards for reference, and bring tasty new drinks to market by following a relatively standardized protocol?

New Deconstructionism: A Fruity Highlight for Cross-scene Use of Fruit Juice
[Panel] Near-Water Drinks: Interesting Hydration

Colorless, tasteless bottled water seems to be boring, but strong-flavored beverages seem to be "too much" for consumers with increasingly health-conscious. How to balance the need for hydration with a "just right" flavor? Near-water drinks seem to offer an alternative.

Drink Talks
·?9.21 (Day 1)
Wow, Drink It Up!
Homeland & Love in Drinks
[Special Interaction] Chinese Flavours in Drinks
Being Touched By a Drink

How to bring consumers back to their childhood, to their hometown and to the place where love begins with a beautiful flavor?

The flavor journey of a beverage is also an unforgettable journey that goes hand in hand with consumers.

Chinese Terroir in Beverages

On a land of 9.6 million square kilometers, the taste memories of 1.4 billion people are variety. How to capture the beautiful flavor from the local terroir? How can local flavors go out to the whole country and even the whole world?

Drink Talks
·?9.22 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
[Welcome Drinking] Another Beautiful Day!
Drink Talks
·?9.22 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
The Power of Tea
[Panel Discussion] The Changed and Unchange in New-style Teas

New-style teas have not escaped from involution after high-speed growth, can we find more opportunities in segmentation categories?

Made-on-site VS Pre-packed: All Roads Lead to Rome

An increasing number of made-on-site drink brands release pre-packed products, while pre-packed drink brands making attempts at brick-and-mortar stores. Both are doing the business of drinking. What do they have to learn from each other?

Grab the First Opportunity with Good Products

The development of new-style teas has released the potential of the entire tea market, ready-to-drink tea has also taken advantage of the rapid development.

However, from the point of view of the product, the innate advantage of the new-style teas in taste, texture has opened a large gap between ready-to-drink teas.

How to upgrade and innovation, so that ready-to-drink tea could replicate the sensory experience of freshly made tea, to gain a competitive advantage in different scenarios?

[Special Interaction] Duk Haan Yum Cha
Let It Be or Not Let It Be: Chinese Tea and Chinese Tea Brands

Originated from China, tea has yet found a branding approach that is truly Chinese. Nationwide tea-producing regions form the basis of product diversity as well as hell-like challenges in standardization in production and brand management. What is the right approach to establish standardization in production and branding?

The Dilemma of Chinese Tea: More Than Lack of A Brand Like Lipton
Lunch Break & Food Show Tour
Drink Talks
·?9.22 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
Coffees Anti-involution
Define Great Coffee before Making Coffee Great

Love makes a good coffee, let's coffee together~

[Panel Discussion] Plant a Cup of Coffee in Yunnan

How long does it take to 'plant' a cup of coffee? It took Yunnan a hundred years. What stage has Yunnan coffee reached today? How can coffee estates, baristas and brands work together to promote the development of China coffee?

[Special Interaction] Sleepy Afternoon...

Needs a cup of coffee!

Ceartive Coffee with a Special Twist

The lemon slices in the cup, the rosemary grass decorated on the cup, every detail of the svreative coffee can bring a more complete sensory experience, which is the more important meaning of specialty coffee in addition to "creative".

From Bubble Tea to Coffee: 1+1>2?
Coffee with Tech

Light up coffee innovation with technology.