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·?9.21 (Day 1)
From Appealing to Branding
[Strategy & Experience] Aligned with Trends, How Should Brands Keep Packaging Strategies Forward-looking?
【Joint Talk】How Can Food Companies Tailor Sustainable Packaging Strategies to Target "Carbon Neutrality"?

"Carbon neutrality" and "sustainability", driven by policy and market trends, are increasingly becoming the key trends that food companies focus on. Through the surface of the "carbon-neutral" boom, how to develop a sustainable packaging strategy that truly suits the brand?

How to Make Plastic Substitutes "Truly Friendly" to the Environment?

Endless complaints about paper straws are a ready lesson. Why do some "plastic substitution" initiatives feel like putting the cart before the horse? What should a "qualified" plastic packaging substitute be like, weighing up costs, carbon emissions, and experience optimization in production, transportation and recycling?

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[Panel] Label "No Trace", While Your Brand "Differentiates"

The 'go labeless' trend emerging in recent years has allowed consumers to visualize the huge role that labels play in packaging recycling. However, labeling is an important vehicle for brand differentiation, and the reckless removal of labels is not only detrimental to brand recognition, but also affects the consumer experience.

Is label removal the only way to 'leave no trace' on the packages? And how to do so without affecting your brand's differentiation?

[Interaction] Co-create a Sustainable Brand with Consumers

How can consumers be engaged in the communication and co-creation about sustainability with packaging design as the starting point? How could the trend of sustainability be turned into an opportunity for brand transformation?

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Human-centric+: From Convenient to Considerate

Can't finish your food? With a light wipe, the package is sealed; The half-eaten burrito is too difficult to pull out? Just tear along the center line, easily take it out! These are truly packaging designs that "understand you"! What is the design logic behind the more humanized functional design? Yi Zhou, an industrial design expert and jury member of the 2018 iF Design Award, who has led packaging design projects such as Starbucks Delivery and McDelivery, will present the topic.

How to Engrave Brand DNA into Consumer Experience With Package?

Packaging is the bridge between product and consumer, creating brand experience all the time. A bad experience detracts from the brand; a mediocre experience makes the brand miss a good opportunity; while an excellent experience, silently, reflects the wonderful brand genes.

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Tap into Emotional Value of Intangible Experience

How do you get rid of the traditional role of packaged products and enhance the emotional value the brand can provide by penetrating into a more in-depth emotional connection with people through design?

Century-old Family Brand, Winning By Quality Packaging Way of Making

For Italian family food brands which are known for their "specialization" in one category., how does the quality packaging making support their prosperity?

Pack Talks
·?9.22 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
[Creativity & Branding] How to Unleash Creativity to Enable Branding of Long Vitality?
Integrate & Refurbish: How to "Re-activate" the Seemingly Dull Classic Brand?

As the old saying goes, it is easy to start a business but difficult to keep it prosperous. How to creatively "re-activate" the brand for the new generation? Should it conservatively optimize the existing, or radically creating something new? How to adapt the strategy to the brand?

[Panel] The Change Ongoing: China's Branding Design in Future

The huge ongoing shift that comes only once in a century has spurred China's endogenous designers to gradually turn from learning from foreign branding to leading international trends with its own unique style.

What will be the new interpretation of traditional Chinese culture with the contemporary design code?

What will the oriental design language be like when it integrates the essence of western culture?

What kind of sparks will there be in the future of China's branding design?

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Calling for Hope with Life-sense Design Under the Epidemic

The challenges posed by the epidemic are not only economic, but also psychological. How can we "wake up" tired hearts with a sense of life design, bringing vitality and hope?

Confession of A "Weblebrity Maker"

Do you really understand your consumers, or are you just labeling them?

To be an "interesting" brand, you must first understand how interesting the human heart is.

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Inspirations from Outside

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside your industry.

When it comes to packaging design, some sum it up as graphic design + brand design + industrial design. Perhaps there is more than one way to see it when you are in the game. The on-lookers may see a different game and an excellent idea may come from outside your field.

Creative Packaging as a Gateway to the Brand Ecosystem

"Kids Rule Here!"

This children's food company makes its brand strategy, marketing and packaging design decisions entirely by its target group - children. With the imaginative children's proposal competition, the strictly selected children board of directors, and the final launch of the coolest children products, the creativity-inspired brand ecology is then "successfully activated"!

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[Panel] Making Products More "Visible" - New Angle on Shelf Vision

A noisy environment requires a louder voice, while a quiet place is more suitable for artistic expression. Whether product packaging design emphasizes more on visual impact or more on brand expression may follow a similar logic.

How to understand the visual connection between products and shelves? What are the new characteristics of this connection in the new emerging "shelves" such as boutique supermarkets, chat groups and live selling broadcasters? Will the integrated co-creation of personalized channels and product design become the future trend?

Brand as a Lifestyle - How to Blend Packaging with Consumers' Life?

Lifestyle brands are highlighted by the seamless fusion between the brand and a certain lifestyle. It resonates emotionally with its consumer group on the top of meeting their needs for functionality, which is translated into a packaging design that factors in the scenario where products are discovered by consumers. In other words, packaging design shall reflect a life experience that encompasses and extends beyond the packaging.