Guoxun Li
Vice President
Chi Forest

Guoxun Li, Master of Renmin University of China, has been deeply involved in the Internet sector for more than ten years. Prior to Chi Forest, he had worked in Tencent, Baidu, Ctrip and other leading internet companies, and now he is the Vice President of Chi Forest.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
?·?09/21?(Day 1)
Growth and Beyond Growth
Growth Power
How to Retain Consumers for A Longer Period of Time?Turn "Fad" into "Trend"?

Society always rewards human-friendly brands and companies. There is no doubt that PRODUCT is the solid base of consumer goods. The GOOD product only from when we put the customer needs at the priority, not what a company wants to make. Only by prioritizing customer needs, rather than what a company wants to make, leading to a GOOD product.

  • What is the real reason why Chi be outstanding?
  • How does a brand conduct the value of "customer comes first"?
  • How to create a customer brand through lending an ear in social media, product co-creation, private domain construction, and brand IP development?
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