Simba Events (Shanghai Simba business consulting Co., Ltd.), founded and located in Shanghai in 2013, is a market research, consulting, conference and media company focusing on Food & Beverage industry. Simba initiated its business as a forum organizer and now it covers forum, expo, events, media, online community, training, etc. Simba believes the value of the forum lies in initiating ideas and innovations and pushing the industry forward. Current Simba business: FBIF(Food and Beverage Innovation Forum), known as “Davos” in the F&B industry (6800+ industry attendees at FBIF2020); Marking Awards – a global F&B package award; Wow Food Awards - a contest of global F&B appreciation; Best Consultant - food and beverage industry vocational training covers eight aspects including R&D, marketing, packaging, manufacture, etc.; FBIF Subscription (WeChat ID: FoodInnovation): a food and beverage industry WeChat subscription with around 210,000 followers; WeChat groups community services and others.


All businesses of Simba Events are initiated and organized in order to realize our vision and mission.

Our vision:
Promote the development of the Food & Beverage industry. (Facilitating industry innovation).

Our mission:
To become a platform for supporting startups and driving innovation of the world food industry.

Our vision and mission illuminate the business nature of Simba and point out our expansion direction. Our mission determines that we will not be involved in non-food industry in a foreseeable future; our vision indicates that Simba business will only be beneficial to the development of the food industry. Therefore, revenue growth is not the only consideration in our business choices. Even more, we are willing to do things that are not profitable but are valuable to the industry in the long run to achieve a better future.

Our Business

Our Staff


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